Company: --
Role: Artist
Tools: 3ds Max, Zbrush, Substance, Unreal Engine

Arid Landscape


This project was oriented around creating a landscape from scratch as fast as possible.

For the landscape, I generated a low poly mesh using a tool I created that was intended on look-dev for swatches of landscape. I was able to generate a few with interesting features that I then moved forward with to bake heightmaps for use in Unreal Engine.

Using a rock generation tool I had written in Maxscript, assets were created procedurally or based on a generic block-in shape. Each generated rock also comes with a preset low poly mesh and cage mesh for baking details to. This was then batched through marmoset using their built-in python integration, using 'mset' python package.

Because of the nature of the project, I wanted to reuse as many assets as I could. One of the ways I did so was by creating a decal system that could take any texture as input, this way I was able to reuse tileables from the environment. This was accomplished by blending the height map and a radial gradient together with parallax to simulate different heights between decals.

The final result was finished around five hours for a 1/2km x 1/2km landscape.